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SoHo Yoga
SoHo Yoga

South Bay Hot Yoga or SoHo Yoga is founded on the principles of self-discovery, physical, mental and spiritual. We invite you to find yourself by pushing your limits at SoHo Yoga.

Our mission statement is best captured in a quote from founding member Pete Niva, “we wanted to capture the energy, the life, the essence from our SoHo neighborhood in the City and put it into everything we do in Los Angeles. You can see elements of New York in everything at SoHo Yoga. From the exposed brick and wood to the long dramatic corridors, even contrasts in the actual energy of the space with peaceful and intense existing at the same time….we worked so hard to recreate that vibe in our studio.”

SoHo Yoga is the only studio in Los Angeles to offer simultaneous hot yoga and traditional yoga classes. This comes from our belief that yoga truly is for everyone at every level of physical fitness. And at SoHo Yoga we are sure that we have a class that’s just right for you.

So what are you looking for in your yoga practice? Whether it’s pushing the limits of physical fitness, clearing your mind from the chaos of day to day life, or becoming centered through a deeper and more meaningful spiritual exercise, we have the right class, location, and instructor to fit your personal needs.

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1242 Hermosa Avenue