Princess Penelope’s

Penelope’s Story

Penelope wasn’t born a princess, per se. But, hey, how many of us are?! That does not mean for a second, though, that we aren’t simply amazing anyway! You can be a Princess even if you weren’t born into royalty! Any one of us can!

Bring your besties and meet me and my Princess Pals at my boutique and let us show you how!

We have oodles and oodles of fun while getting all sparkled with glitter and being royally amazing to one another and we always remember that…

Being Nice is Nice
Kindness Counts
“Imperfections” Make Perfection

We will celebrate your awesomeness and have SO MUCH glittery fun and giggles.

​Don’t forget…every girl is royally amazing!
xoxo –
Princess Penelope


We don't send one often,  but when we do you'll want it