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My love of cooking began in my formative years, as it does for many chefs, with memorable and unforgettable chair-pushed-up-to-the-stove and rolling-pin-in-the-dough escapades with a loving and patient family member (in my case, my grandmother). Given a couple of cooking classes at a very young and impressionable age; and thereafter, given years of nurturing and encouragement, I was hooked!

After a liberal arts degree with a major in the management end of the restaurant business, I eventually wandered into the kitchen where I found my true calling – and have never left. Since then I have had the privilege of training under some fabulous chefs from Colorado and Napa Valley to Italy and Spain. For the past 9 years I was the Executive Chef at Mediterraneo cooking in the style of a blended Spanish and Italian cuisine.

Through all these experiences I have become an ardent believer in the rejuvenating and restorative power of real, fresh, nutritious foods. The journey, as you might imagine, has been filled with many untold ups and downs, moments of indecision, easy-to-forget food crazes and diets-of-the-month. But along the way, I discovered a few absolutes that I could grasp onto, believe in, and expand upon. Throw in countless hours of self-reflection and soul-searching plus a commitment to expressing positive energy and joy, and my dreams became visions that ultimately became reality.

Just a few months ago, the Source Café emerged on my horizon. A place for my long-anticipated and dreamed-about Drinkable Garden. A place for an Edible Garden as well. A place to be part of the local community’s exploration of meaningful and relevant food and food-related discussions. Endless possibilities. With the opening of one door, there seem to be others connected. I am truly grateful to be here, at this time in my life, sharing what I love to do best.

Our Core Values
• We believe that an important source of healthy bodies, personal inner strength, and optimal mental outlook comes from the quality of the food we eat

• We believe that it is our responsibility to provide the latest research in food nutrition, and in doing so, encourage and support the healthiest food choices possible.

• We believe that food should be whole, be organic and sustainable-grown, and be available to all who share these values.

• Our brand is “Real. Fresh. Relevant.” We believe the food choices we make on a daily basis really do matter.

Our Quality Standards
Our menu selections contain ingredients that provide the highest nutritional benefits available and adhere to the following standards and guidelines:

• All baked goods are vegan and gluten-free.

• All foods are fresh, natural, organic and local when possible; not processed or pre-packaged.

• All foods are made with whole grains; no white flour.

• Sweeteners are from natural sources; no white sugar.

• All foods are made in-house, with love.

Our Sources
The best way to be certain about the quality of one’s food is to know its source. In addition to the bountiful farmers’ markets available in our area, we also source our food from the following vendors: Groundworks for fair-trade, organic coffees and teas, Sadie Rose Baking Company for natural fresh-baked breads, E3 Live for blue-green algae, Ecos coconut water, Kejiwa Kombucha, and Cocomojoe raw bars.

Our Community Support
“Be a part of The Source” is our way of expressing support for our community. Community is comprised of many and varied individuals, so our commitment begins with personal support that provides information to make choices about what is relevant to one’s individual experience. And in the process of working together, we will discover solutions to the issues that impact our family, friends and our community. Our involvement goes beyond food-related endeavors and extends to local artists, businesses and entrepreneurs. We intend to set the stage for up-coming initiatives that provide all of us the opportunity to be a part of our community.

We invite you to…
Be a part of The Source
Be a part of The Solution

Center map
Address 509 Pier Ave‎ Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone Number 310.318.1600
Website http://thesourcecafehb.com/