Named after the country it resides in American Junkie remains true to its name by supporting its nation utilizing and serving 95% products made here in the USA. Particular pieces of American Junkie were built with reclaimed items from US History. American Junkie is the ideal spot for lunch, dinner and late night socializing, providing a one of a kind atmosphere, high quality food and a large array of beverage options at an affordable price. The beverage menu consists of classic American cocktails, craft beers made in the USA, all American whiskeys and bourbons and wines primarily from California vineyards.

20 Plasma TV’s for all your sports viewing, and the some of the best nightlife Hermosa Beach has to offer. Open 7 days a week, Sunday-Thursday 11am-1am & Friday-Saturday 11am- 2am (hours are subject to change for early televised sporting events).