Beach tennis is the most exciting new sport making waves across America. Yes, it's tennis being played on the sand... a very social activity and encourages positive interaction and enjoyment for everyone.

Beach tennis is a pure fun, action, stimulating and very addictive game to play.... New players DO NOT have to know how to play the game of tennis- although it is an advantage. Players only have to love the beach and the recreation beach tennis offers. It's 4 times easier to learn than tennis or volleyball and an all-inclusive sport for all ages to play regardless of skill level!

Beach Tennis is a Tennis-on-the-Beach game with simple rules- One serve only, can serve anywhere on the court, lets count, no bounce, volley only similar to the speed and action of beach volleyball- but much easier to learn and play. BT uses nets and lines similar to beach volleyball nets, but uses customized lines and dimensions needed to play correctly.

The BTA also provides; free places for people to play, tournaments, consulting, private coaching, socials, parties, corporate and resort events. We also design and build courts.