Since we're all on the progressively shorter road to turning 30, we wanted to create something that would allow us to share our journey to better health. Let us preface this by saying that we are not licensed nutritionists, physical trainers, or medical professionals of any kind. We're just two fat kids in recovery on a mission. We picked the name "Ebb and Flow Fitness" (LLC pending) because we recognize that life, like the tide, has a natural ebb and flow and that very few people have the will or desire to stick to a stringent, restrictive diet and exercise program.

We became licensed Zumba Fitness instructors this year and are completely addicted to it... How else would we get away with shamelessly shakin' it during the daylight? We want to share with you our successes (and challenges) and please feel free to share yours with us as well! We'll keep our class schedule updated on here and we'll also be sharing recipes (mostly healthy but occasionally indulgent) so keep an eye out!