Hermosa Cyclery is probably best known as the bike shop with “free air” for bike tires near The Strand in Hermosa Beach. Our proud story spans more than three decades.

The beloved Harold Schumaker (Schu) founded Hermosa Cyclery in 1974. He owned and operated his landmark bicycle and skate store for 28 years. His store was his life and his crew like his family. Known by many as a man with a big heart, he helped many with everything he had.

Upon his passing in January 2002, we were surprised to learn Schu had willed his store to the four of us, Steve Collins, Larry Burke, Ken Liebowitz and Mark McNeill. This gift is extraordinary because we came to know him as employees at his store in the late 70s and 80s. We each worked for him 5 to 10 years and remained close in the years after. We sure admired him and are proud of the store he founded. We are so happy to follow in his footsteps.

Hermosa Beach mayor, Kathy Dunbabin, remembered Schu in council chambers in 2002 saying: “nearly every child in Hermosa Beach worked at his shop, Hermosa Cyclery, at some point.” This included her son. Hermosa Cyclery’s soul comes largely from the good people that have worked here the last three decades and those who continue to make us proud today. “We grew up working at the store, in the heart of one of the coolest areas in the South Bay. It was a dream-come-true job for me at 16 years old,” said Steve Collins.

Our story is complete only when sharing that the owner of our building is possibly as proud of Hermosa Cyclery as we are. Jeanette’s history with the store is a bit longer than ours and equally filled with affection. By way of considerable generosity, she was instrumental in our transition in 2002. She is one of our biggest supporters today and is happy to see our store serve the community into the future.

Jeanette and Schu have made many in our community happy, filling our lives with good times and memories. We hope to continue to share their goodwill with the community for many years to come.

The sun is always shining on Hermosa Cyclery, here in beautiful Hermosa Beach.