Amaloa: Meaning “Love of The Moon” is my name. In my journey I’m blessed for discovering and experimenting with so many things; to realize that will lead me to the most important of all; My Purpose in Life, my real self. In the path at a very young age I started to use my hands for healing through art expression, craft, designs, cooking and more… Always with love, intention and passion. I let myself go with the flow, using all my tools to develop all my gifts in an organic and divine way.

I went through different formal training including; Art, Fashion Design, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and Reiki Master. Since I was a little girl I always wished to have a magic wand, now I realize that I always had it with me, they are my hands, the extension of my heart. My husband is a great artist, Cesar Levy, going through his own journey on Reiki, we always dreamt of having a space together where we can share all of our creations and gifts with others.
Amaloa Art Boutique is a dream come true. Our offerings are hand-made with love and Reiki and have a message or an intention. We offer art, healing crystals, mystic jewelry, essential oils, candles, Reiki sessions, Gemstone readings, workshops and more of our favorites things! Amaloa Art Boutique hopes to bring a truly special experience.